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Bryntroll's Avatar Bryntroll
Level 11 : Journeyman Viking
To get this out of the way, this is world is entirely vanilla, so no mods necessary. Many of the images are outdated, and were taken about a year ago, every location looks MUCH different from the old ones, so I haven't added any yet until I take some new ones.

Welcome to Tyronus, The year is 98 A.Q.A. The dwarves have been gone for some time, no one knows where they went, except for a select few who's family had dealings with them. The humans are growing uneasy, for without the knowledge the dwarves
possessed the rest of Valheim would be helpless if the seekers returned. Find them, learn from them, and bring them back into the light, they need not hide any longer.
Following the path you can use the portal grove at will if you just want to look around and aren't interested in the whole story/mystery element to this world. If you are in it for the story/mystery, you may use the portals once you have been to that location once before.
Locations with portals are listed below.

-Castle Krol'gar, a human town named for it's founding king.
-Castle Nocturne, a human town seemingly asleep forever.
-Feledren, an old tree-top village claimed by the bog, abandoned, but not forgotten.
-Castle Ang'uthar, a lonely human village upon a tall mountain, said to be inhabited by the most bitter of beings, to match the weather they live in.
-High peak, a small setup of houses atop the tallest mountain, only the most daring of climbers can make it all the way to the top, those that do, often take it upon themselves to do the whole mountain climb, instead of taking the road from the coast.
There is a dock where the road is, and a giant rock with a stone structure on top of it north of the dock to indicate where to begin the climb)
-Krol Farms, located in the plains, feeding Castle Krol'gar for years.
-Haldor and Hildir's island, where you can take a scenic walk between the dock, and these 2, or use a quick access portal that takes you to Haldor from the dock.
-Gjöll, an icy town tucked away in the wastelands of the deep north, battleground of the Jötnar. Yet, somehow life has sprouted in this wasteland.
-Ull'bek, the last standing location of the dwarves. After the seekers removed them from their homes they were forced to flee, there was only one safe haven, Ull'bek. Only the dwarves knew where it was, perhaps you can discover something about it through the temporary structures they left behind?
-Sor'thun sears a hole in the grove, securing its place through force, what could be on the other side?
- A forgotten Dvergar city, shrouded in mist, locked away without the key, the name of this city shall be your challenge, discover it's name, reclaim it's portal, reforge the key, open the gates, and take back the city.
-Ymirheim, a prison for the worst of beings. With no battles left to fight, no great foe to lock up, it's gone untouched for years, and it's gateway is becoming overgrown, keep a sharp eye out for this one. (This one is nothing more than a fun little area where I put a bunch of mobs in cages.)

There are of course several locations that I did not list, either because they have no portal, or I don't want you knowing about it ahead of time, including multiple docks across multiple islands, small camp out houses from my survival playthrough, stop-in locations for the story to progress, many of which require sailing to reach, and little decorative things I've placed about.

Do be aware, 2 locations are not quite finished, but are well off enough to take a peak at. Those not finished will be marked with a "Work in Progress" [​WIP] sign next to the corresponding portal. As you may imagine those 2 locations are in
the Ashlands and Deep North, both of which I'm awaiting the corresponding release for, in order to finish; but they are set up for the story/mystery to continue like normal until then. I'm by no means great at this kind of thing, and without mods it's kind of hard to incorporate story elements the way you'd want, but I think it's at least doable haha! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it, but keep in mind, It's not done, and every area is open to more change.
I've attached a google drive download of the world, as the compressed folder is over 60MB which exceeds the website upload limit.
Progress90% complete

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : by Bryntroll 12/31/2023 12:31:07 pmDec 31st, 2023

Everything has had some work done. Some minor, some major. Story elements added.
Another portal to the mists has opened up. Several small locations are fleshed out.
IDK what all has changed, it's been 9 months, but A LOT has changed.

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03/16/2023 3:03 pm
Level 1 : New Shield Maiden
Huels's Avatar
Your world will be the first time I attempt to use another world. I like your look.


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