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Valheimians is a viking community sharing Valheim content and experiences. We currently support builds, mods, textures and articles. Are you a Valheimian?


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Valheim FAQ


What can I build in Valheim?
Building in Valheim is only limited by your imagination, materials and the mechanics of the game. Players gather wood, stone and other objects while progressing through the game. These materials unlock new building structures including beams, roof sections, stairs, pillars, walls and even furniture. Here are examples of what you can build in Valheim.
How do I enable creative build mode in Valheim?
  1. In Steam, edit the properties of Valheim and type "-console" in the Launch Options.
  2. In Valheim, press F5 to open the console
  3. Type "devcommands" to enter developer mode.
  4. Type "debugmode" to enter debug mode / creative mode.
You can now use three keys useful for building in creative mode.
  • Z - Flying mode
  • K - Kills all enemies nearby
  • B - Build mode. All crafting recipes unlocked, cost nothing to use and no crafting bench requirement.
How do I import Valheim builds into my world?
Downloadable Valheim builds can be imported into your Valheim world by using the BuildShare mod. If you're having difficulty with .vbuild files, follow our BuildShare tutorial.
How do I save and share my Valheim builds?
While not officially supported by the game, individual Valheim builds can be saved using the BuildShare mod and shared by sending them to your friends or uploading them to this website for the public to download.

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Valheimians is a viking community playing the survival, procedurally generated, adventure game of Valheim!

We're looking forward to giving you rubies!


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Game of Valheim

You're a viking dropped into the center of Valheim, a procedurally generated, survival game and realm inspired by viking culture and Norse mythology. You gather raw materials from the world, craft new tools, armor, weapons and build your first home. As days and nights pass in Valheim, your adventures explore further from spawn stones in search of the forsaken ones they represent. As you defeat the bosses in Valheim, you'll unlock new powers, crafting options and gain the courage to venture further into unknown biomes. The game is in early access and updates will bring more content to explore, defeat, craft and build with. The game is just getting started.

Valheim Survival, Adventure and Afterlife

Whether you survive or thrive in Valheim is up to your ability to properly prepare for the biome, monsters and experience you're facing. However, Valheim has a knack of catching you off guard with unexpected scenarios, events and mishaps that are exciting, memorable and sometimes frustrating. Expect to die in Valheim. In fact, you're already dead. You're in the viking afterlife trying to prove yourself fit for the halls of Valhalla. So pick yourself back up, make those death runs to pick up your gear to continue your viking adventure. As long as you're having fun playing Valheim, you're doing it right.

How to play Valheim

You get to decide how to play Valheim whether it's alone or with up to 10 friends. To get started, purchase Valheim from Iron Gate Studios. After that vital game changing decision, you're faced with countless hours of survival gameplay, crafting, building, exploration mixed together with your own willpower, stamina and creative imagination. Valheim is an open world game with a rewarding progression system that guides without forcing you to play a certain way.

Is Valheimians an official website?

We are a community fansite and not an official resource. We are not associated with Valheim or Iron Gate Studios. We're sharing Valheim content and experiences while they are developing the game. We are humble players of the game along for the journey. We're supporting Valheim builds, articles, mods, texture packs and other player created content. We're growing a community of creative vikings that share a love for the game. Are you a Valheimian?



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