Hi again Everyone! Long time no see

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Been a while since visited the Valheim world, but am back enjoying it even more. I missed some updates lol. I have entered a few build contests here, which is really fun, thank you to the creators of such. I hope to do so in the future. Past efforts have actually been a family effort with spouse and one kid involved as we enjoy the game as a family.
I do wish to share with you that I do live streams of Valheim on twitch TV under LeftaMarkGaming there ( not sure if posting a direct link is permissible, so wont- isnt hard to find on a search on twitch). I do have past broadcast vids there as well. Now, it is a playthrough that is relaxed, aint out rushing stuff, and am about to begin a build on a full fort as I enter the iron age. Even tho many days in game, still havent explored much, or advanced far- just having fun! It is single player right now. I play techno styled DJ music as play, stop for 420 breaks at times.... well, often lol ;) , chill stream, enjoy!
I play a few other games, and do stream Conan Exiles as well, even got my own dedicated Conan server. That experience has me considering launching a dedicated Valheim server as well. I have experience with mods from Conan server, but never played a modded version of Valheim. I am very interested in feed back about modded Valheim, and interest in a Valheim server.
Anyways, thanks for the read, have fun everyone!
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