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7/11/2024 7:11 pm
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Hey everybody! I've had a blast playing valheim in different ways. I love how you can bypass the first 3 bosses using game mechanics. Unfortunately, there is no way to progress past moder because you need to be able to smelt black metal for a substantial amount of end game gear and buildings.
As far as I understand there is no way to acquire blackmetal bars in valheim without killing Moder. But... Ashlands is coming out... anybody think there is a chance that something in ashlands will drop blackmetal bars? I really hope so.... Itd be cool to have an alternative to Moder; and even cooler if its something incredibly dangerous in the ashlands...
Or maybe I'm just dreaming?
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JP Valheim
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Franco Petrielli
06/01/2024 10:41 pm
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i doubt you're gonna find any alternative to moder in ashlands or deep north whenever it comes out, they stopped allowing glitches like that after bonemass because it was against the spirit of the game, i mean they wont remove it because its like giving a kid a toy then taking it away after he likes it, but they're more than likely not gonna add any loop holes or rather they wont allow any in the future
JP Valheim
07/11/2024 7:11 pm
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Hehehehe but now, with EWP.... it doesn't matter what they do, we can do whatever we choose on our servers.

I understand how they feel. But also... perhaps it is pride. There is nothing wrong with having multiple ways of doing something, it does not "ruin the spirit" of the game. If it is done correctly, then the game & community thrive :)