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I've been on Valheim for about two years now, but only one year using mods. I've visited the site as a guest to get build inspiration and ideas and finally took the plunge to join the community here.

I've recently started using PlanBuild to save my own builds. I've worn out several world seeds in the past two years, even deleted some of the content (plus the buildings I spent hours and hours on). I'm now in the process of searching for any worlds I have in old files to salvage all that work and effort.

I've also started a YouTube channel in the last part of 2023. There are so many great Mod videos out there, but many times they were missing information that I was looking for. I've watched countless videos over 10 min long that can be summed up in "This is a great mod, look at the animations/textures/amazingness." While those videos have a great following and satisfy some, I was looking for a bit more detail and info.

In the process of making Valheim Mod Reviews, I've encountered a very deep community of modders that don't get enough recognition for the work they do. I'm all too happy to showcase their mods and help others learn more about them.

I also have my builds and some config files/templates available on BuyMeACoffee. All the builds and files are free there, but it also allows me to accept donations and commissions for Mod Showcases from mod creators. I'll transfer as many of those over as I can to this site as well.

I'd love to hear from you about mods you enjoy and builds that are unique!

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