Deep North Brainstorming what could be or should be?

Astrid's Avatar Astrid10/29/23 11:27 am
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Hi brave Vikings,

Ashlands is right behind the corner so I wanted to discuss a few brainstorming Ideas for the Deep North.
And it would be interessting what are your ideas to it.

Valkyrie in White (Undead)
Jotun giants or just their undead remain like giant hands.
Polar bears!
Penguins! or seals with the rabbit mechanic.
Eternal ice as a material
Whales? as a sea serpent?

Vidar's shoes as a weapon?

It was just a bit of brainstorming and you might like some of it.

I´m very interessed about your thoughts to it and the Deep North.

Have a great day,

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