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Hello everybody!

Over the past few months I've been developing a public server, working on new versions of the server as I watch how players use the current one. That is how I play Valheim.

Check out the teaser video here:

Personally, fighting monsters was something I love in Valheim. However; I often wasn't able to have the long epic battles I dreamed of; simply because there are not large groups of monsters in Valheim. The most you get is a raid or a goblin camp or a swarm of seekers. Maybe a really big goblin camp, or two next to each other. But then that's it.

So... What if one made a more linear combat experience, using everything available in Valheim?

What if you had to attack a whole city, full of multiple paths and guarded areas and guantlets of enemies trying to stop you?

What about riding a boat down a river infested with goblin shaman and serpents?

Well, that's the kind of stuff I make on this server. The server gets updated as I feel inspired to make new stuff, usually once or twice a week. I reset the server every week or so to a base state. However; that base state is constantly evolving as I add new puzzles and areas.

I hope you enjoy // password
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