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Last revised: 03/06/2021 9:26 am

Welcome is a viking friendly community that shares and respects the creative works and individual interests of others. We provide a variety of entertaining ways to share content and connect with players from around the world. We hope you will have and help contribute to a positive experience while here.

Collectively, the community works together to keep things civil by moderating our own content and flagging inappropriate behavior. In addition, a team of volunteer moderators help keep this community clean, organized and fun.

There is a lot to do and see here and there are rules & guidelines to follow most of which are common sense. We are all human, except spam bots they are intentionally disruptive and must be dealt with!

In general, we are all entertaining each other by having fun, making friends and keeping it real. Sometimes things can get too real or out of line. While constructive criticism is one form of acceptable "negative" feedback, we do not allow content or communication that is clearly disrespectful or malicious in nature. This page will clarify some of the obvious and not so obvious guidelines and rules. Thanks for reading.


Accounts allow members to share content, provide feedback, customize a profile page and communicate with other members of the site. The community respects members who participate in civil discussions, share quality content and have an overall positive influence on the experience of others. If your account is used to negatively impact the community, it's status and content is subject to moderation. Create account

Do not

  • Bypass bans. Creating another account to repeat an offense made on an existing account.
  • Game the system. Artificially boosting experience, levels or content visibility
  • Spam. Posting irrelevant, inappropriate or advertising content.
  • Impersonate someone. Don't intentionally mislead others to believe you are someone you are not.
  • Use inappropriate usernames. Profanity, racism, registered trademarks are examples of inappropriate usernames.


Members are expected to practice proper etiquette while interacting with the community.

Please do not

  • Insult others or their content. Constructive feedback is appropriate but be respectful.
  • Use hate speech, derogatory terms or conduct personal attacks on others.
  • Troll or intentionally disrupt an otherwise on-topic discussion.
  • Start or participate in drama. Don't make content that fuels drama.
  • Mini-mod or attempt to moderate other members yourself. Report the content or member to a moderator.
  • Post someone's personal information. Never share real world information on anyone. It's dangerous and a serious violation of privacy.
  • Be unnecessarily profane. No profanity in titles, never in a negative context, keep it to a minimum everywhere else including comments.

Preferred Speaking Language

English is the primary speaking language of this community. In regards to submissions, if images adequately provide a preview of the content that everyone can understand, we don't mind supplemental descriptions in other languages. We still recommend providing an English translation and may ask for one in some cases.

Promotion & Advertising

Promoting third-party content, websites and services is prohibited in most cases.

Do not

  • Link to illegal or dangerous websites including epilepsy or trigger sites (flashers, screamers, etc), inappropriate (pornography/non-PG sites), gambling, hacking, drugs, malware, or self-promoted commercial sites.
  • Use incentive compensation. We want the site to be open and fair; providing incentives to users in exchange for votes, following your social media, etc is not allowed. This also includes giveaways that require that kind of engagement. Hosting a contest that requires entries is OK, but not if the engagement is simply following or boosting your accounts either on this site or externally.
  • Send unsolicited private messages.
  • Use Ad links. URL shortners that require viewing ads before forwarding users to their final destination are not allowed. See exception #2 under Commercial Advertising.
  • Spam. Don't post irrelevant content, duplicate content or unnecessarily cross post to different sections. Don't post content without some value or relevance to our community.

Commercial Advertising

Do not use to generate traffic or attention to commercial endeavors. Links to personal websites, projects and social media are allowed.

Exception 1: Professional portfolios. Valheim build teams and other members actively contributing non-commercial value to the community are allowed to state fact that they accept commissions or link to their external portfolios. Setting up a commercial page such as listing prices, outlining hiring details or negotiating commercial deals on is forbidden.

Exception 2: Ad Links. Once you reach level 20, you're allowed limited use of Ad links on your submission downloads. We still recommend adding an alternative ad free link in the description so that your followers have a choice. Adlinks are not allowed in other posts formats including but not limited to comments, forum posts and wall posts. In addition, excessive daisy chaining, redirecting from more than one ad link, is forbidden.

Exception 3: Donation and Support Services. You're allowed to accept donations or link to support services such as Paypal donations or your Pateron. Donations and subscriptions must be optional and not used as a paywall. At the very least, provide a sample or demo of your work.

Submissions is a member generated content and social media platform. This section provides rules & guidelines for the different types of content.
The following rules apply to all types of content.

Do not

  • Steal / Modify / Plagiarize work by others. Only post content you personally created. If you are allowed to create derivative works, we ask that you credit sources.
  • Post themes that are inappropriate in a public family friendly environment. The community will report and our moderators will decide whether it should be moderated. You will receive a reason for the moderation.
  • Advertise commercial services. Learn more in "Promotion & Advertising" section of this page.
  • Generate content with programs. You can use tools to aid in the creation of your content. It can't solely be generated by an automated process or algorithm. Credit any sources you use.
  • Use placeholders or announcements to describe content that you haven't started yet. Your wall, or other social features, can be used for such announcements.
  • Spam. Examples include multiple posts of the same content, single posts without substance.

Update logs

The Update Log allows you to post notes and notify the system that you've made an important update to your content. The site will bump the content to the top of the recently updated list for the public to see.
Do not
  • Post empty or spam entries such as "bump" to the Update Log.
  • Post only to bump the submission without updating the content. An update log must provide reasonable explanation for the update.


A build is something you built in Valheim typically structure or world that you want to share with the community.
Do not
  • Post without in-game screenshots. An image is worth a thousand words.
  • Post content that includes work by others unless it is content specifically provided for reuse and does not make up the majority of the content you are posting or you provide proof of permission to use it.
  • Post portions of larger builds already posted. Unless you were part of a team build and allowed to post the part of the build you created.


In general Mods are considered content that extends or modifies the original game. They can also be tools or programs that are useful to the target gaming community.
Do not
  • Post without a functioning version. It doesn't need to be the final version, just usable.
  • Post without an adequate description that explains what the mod does and how to use it. Include in-game screenshots when appropriate.
  • Post unoriginal mods that took minimal effort to develop and change very little about the original game.
  • Post configuration files to existing mods. Configs should be distributed on the forums.
  • Post cheats. We don't support mods that encourage hacking, griefing, cheating, or similar behavior.
  • Post Mod packs. Multiple mods in a single post / download are rarely created by the same author or obtain the proper permissions from the original authors.


The article section is for well written or recorded video content with long term value to the community.
Do not
  • Post content better suited for the forums. Examples include announcements, quick questions, polls, shops/requests, recruitment or petitions. Please post to the forums or your personal profile wall.
  • Complain about members or moderators. If there is an issue, open a ticket.


Texture packs changes the original game's look and feel. Typically, texture packs change the textures of the game but they also support changing sound effects, models and more.
Do not
  • Post packs without some sort of preview. Clearly illustrate what the resource pack does with images, text and/or video.
  • Post packs with only minor tweaks. If the pack only tweaks or adds an incredibly small amount of texture/sound/UI elements it may be considered spam. The pack doesn't need to be 100% complete before posting but it should give visitors a good reason to download the first version.
  • Violate copyright or trademark laws. Don't use copyrighted textures, music or sounds from non-royalty-free sources. Don't post texture packs created by modifying or collecting parts from other texture packs.
  • Post packs that include original Valheim content. This is a breach of copyright, and not the way texture packs should be compiled. They should only contain the changed or added files, which allows them to be mixed and matched, and reduces the file size significantly.


See something against the rules, please report it so that we can review and handle it as soon as possible. After reporting, please be patient since it can take time to investigate and consider the proper action(s) to take. A detailed report with links to proof helps us handle the issue appropriately.

Do not

  • Report opinions that you disagree with.
  • Report content that doesn't meet your personal quality expectations. Everyone starts somewhere.
  • Report old content for minor infractions.

Sensitive Matters with Members or Moderators

Any sensitive matters pertaining to yourself, members or moderators can be reported discreetly through the private messaging system to the official support account. This account is only accessible by two staff members both of which will make sure to keep your personal information private and handle your sensitive matter fairly and discreetly. If you need help, let us know and we'll do our best to resolve the matter.


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