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6/26/2022 3:35 pm
Disclaimer: I wrote parts of the mod, so that is advertisement right here.

Hi all,

I did a blueprinting mod some time ago for myself and my friends that did the same as BuildShare does (without knowing BuildShare). After meeting the guy who did PlanBuild, we decided to merge the two mods and release PlanBuild including blueprinting functionality to the public. Meanwhile that was also extended with a serverwide marketplace where blueprints can be shared with anybody connecting and users can upload their creations. It also has support for BuildShare's .vbuild files and does not require SlimVML.

Imagine The Forest + A Better and Faster BuildShare + Server Marketplace.

But dont let my words fool you and take a look at the features for yourself:

PlanBuild on Thunderstore:

PlanBuild on Nexus:

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06/26/2022 3:35 pm
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Version 0.10.0 of PlanBuild comes with a big internal code refactor and many changes to the handling of plans and blueprints. Please make sure to check out the documentation. The biggest changes in a nutshell:

  • Instead of switching plan and blueprint mode on the rune, you now have two distinct tools, the Plan Hammer and the Blueprint Rune.
  • All of the blueprinting is done via the Selection tools. You can add and remove parts of your buildings to a selection and need to use the Edit Selection tool or the selection.gui console command to save or copy your blueprint.
  • The configuration was redesigned for more clarity. Please revise your configuration once after installing this version.
08/22/2021 7:35 pmhistory
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Hi everyone,

just came to promote the new update again. We have been busy and implemented a lot of new tools aiding building and blueprinting, such as terrain modification and paint reset (reset any biome paint to its original state!) and paint apply (want to have your whole village paved? we got you :P). Also introducing a new square marker for terrain modification to extend control over your terrain. Here is a list of changes:

  • Added new tools for terrain modification, terrain painting and
    vegetation/object deletion to the Blueprint Rune (controlled by server
    side config)
  • Use the TerrainComp system from Valheim for all tools
  • Removed flatten while placing a blueprint (too inaccurate, use the terrain tools before placing the blueprint)
  • Added a square marker for terrain tools
  • Made the mod mandatory on server and client again - too many griefing oppertunities with the new terrain tools
  • Blueprint market GUI is now translatable (check PlanBuild\assets\Translations)
  • Show ghosts for blueprints with missing pieces
  • Fixed some errors with missing pieces
  • Added config for particle effects of Plan Totem
07/17/2021 4:30 pm
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Just wanted to let you know that PlanBuild - Blueprint Edition was upgraded yesterday. We packed a lot of optimizations and features:

- Move blueprints on the X/Y/Z axis before building it. The ghost reflects that, too.
- The plans are now also recognizing piece tables / custom items from mods who introduce custom building tools.
- The two deletion tools were merged into one tool. Delete plans, whole blueprints or all plans in a radius with one tool.
- There are new buildable pieces to access the serverside blueprint market including a configuration to block users from using the Hotkey to access it (so you can use the blueprints on a RP server for example).
- Performance optimizations


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