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Feuerhirnson's Avatar Feuerhirnson5/11/22 6:23 am
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1/10/2023 11:53 am
JP Valheim's Avatar JP Valheim
I would like to have a stone wall, 1m high, with spiked walls attached, surrounding a build of mine.

The problem here is, they always snap bottom line stone wall to bottom line spiked wall, but I would like to only have them stick out 1 m (instead of 2). So far I only managed to do this by actually using the pickaxe to dig deeper, put another column of stone below, make it snap there, destroy the bottom stone and fill up the hole...

Is there a trick or a method to achieve this, without having to alter the terrain?

Thanks in advance
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JP Valheim
01/10/2023 11:53 am
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I've seen youtubers use snap points from wooden 1m beams. Basically you use the beams to create snap points where you want them.
08/11/2022 7:00 am
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Kind of like this

the stone wall clips into the ground naturally as its cursor point is to the top of the piece , so you can use one of these to sink into the ground - build the spike snapped - then delete the original stone and build your new stone piece ontop
08/11/2022 6:38 am
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once you have one in the second just needs to snap to the origional

Ive found building spikes first helps, you can build a wooden wall behind it and hold shift to freebuild and see if the spikes clip into the ground this might help not having to dig,

once you have your spikes, then freebuild the first stone so that the spikes are center in the stone
then you can snap the rest :) hope it helps

to make sure both spikes and stone are aligned again use a wooden panel to free build against then just remove them :)


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