Tallest Mountain on a small Island

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12/1/2023 11:00 am
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This is the most vertical mountain I've ever come across in my 2k+h of Valheim. It located on a rather small island surrounded by plains and meadows, and two thin strips of Swamp plus a small dash of Black Forest. But this mountain's tip reaches through the clouds - so sheer vertical mountainsides dominates the island, with lots of large rocks and boulders strutting out into the air. On the absolute steepest side the mountain really reaches almost sea level.

It screams for some crazy creativity of large structures - [debug +b] was made for this, as much as the other way around!

On top of that (haha) - there is 7 (!) caves, including one Howling one (for Hildir's quest), and one with Tetra fish (says on mapgen, havent been there to check yet). And 5 Drake Nests for eggs. Most spots are easy to find because almost everything is one-way mountainside. Not many flat spots around, I haven't looked for Silver yet. But then again it is not many Stone Golems around either, hopefully.

The Island also has a veryverry charming location for Hildir, with her camp as good as on the shore which is rare. I haven't really explored the swamps, but I swear I saw some Pile of Iron crap like from the crypts, jutting out of a wall somewhere... Mapgen says no crypts.

On the steepest side I chinked out (yes manually with pickaxe) a groove that goes all the way up the mountain, from swamp at sea level to cave on top. Hardly room to put a toe in anywhere along the way, and it took more than 30 min while flying. On the bottom of that I used Planbuild Mod's terrain tools to raise some swamp to max height just for kicks.

I hope you can enjoy my crappy (sry 4 that) video, and/or the seed even more!

Seed: tNRfCPV3Zn
Debugmode: goto -1600 -3450
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12/01/2023 11:00 am
Level 26 : Expert Heathen
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430 Meters high on top of the crypt.
12/01/2023 7:03 am
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Whoa! Thanks for sharing this. I'm tempted to host a community contest / jam around this mountain...


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