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1/15/2023 11:39 am
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A friend and I bought a server and bought the game just for the plot because we both really like to build and have various projects planned,

we set ourselves up as admins on the server, but the admin console doesn't work on the server so we could turn off all the options the game offers

I wonder if there is a way to open it in game or using a mod..?

thank you
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01/15/2023 11:39 am
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JP Valheim
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Hey there! Yes, you can enable devcommands on a server but you need to install a mod on the server itself and add you steam IDs as admins. The mod you need is called "Server Devcommands" https://valheim.thunderstore.io/package/JereKuusela/Server_devcommands/

You'll need to install BepInEX first. BepInEx is basically a framework for mods. Most valheim mods require it.


Good luck!
01/10/2023 11:51 am
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There are ways to do that, but I'm not sure what they are exactly. I've been visited by hacking players before who have access to all those commands on my own dedicated server. There was this guy named Thor who would just fly around and act like Thor and I was like woah dude

One thing you can do, is start the server on your own PC then use your devcommands to spawn things. After that, you can upload the server to your hosting service. From that point you can't easily use devcommands anymore.

I know a way to workaround that exists because of the dude who visited my server but I never found out how he did it


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