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Zarilla started 4/14/21 12:40 pm
I'm afraid I'm not creative enough to build the beautiful buildings that most everyone here has done. I'm the "let's build a box and go from there" type creative person.

One the other hand I'm a technical person with an absolute love for everyone's works. I'm happy to try buildings for anyone that would like help. But I am a SOP person. Can we set a Standard Operating Procedures person.

My questions/recommendation is "Can guidelines be established on how .vbuild files are created, provided, saved, and the directions on import and place the homes that are provided to the end user?

It took me three weeks to find the exact instructions on how to install a .vbuild building. Most of that was how to setup Buildshare with Velheim. Did you know that the InSlim addon has to be added LAST after Velheim Plus and BepIn. It is that crazy. Once I got it installed it took me a full 14 hours (real life time) to get buildings that could be added to my system and I still never got the castle I wanted because not only did I have problems getting the system to place the building correctly but I also could not get the orientation correct. Even though I love Buildshare the "toggle" and get in the right place is not easy to use.

I have a dedicated super server with extra bandwidth and it can take alot of data flow but it could not place the Pax-Villa - Roman themed building that I want. There are so many things that would make it easier for the end user. Instead of negative reviews for not being able to get it installed correctly, the community could spend more time saying thank you and creating more beautiful homes.
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