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I am on Day 730 something, about 320 real life hrs in this game. My client is vanilla, and use zero mods. I have killed the first 4 bosses, all done in legit gameplay. I have 8 usable, operational bases, some superior to others, and yet have not explored more than 20-30% of the map. I dont use dev commands for my builds, as found those resources are easy to get in normal game play. Efficient movement of non-teleportable items is a valued skill, and will set sail with hold full of building materials that cant be teleported. I do use dev commands to spawn in fuel for lighting such as Guck because it takes forever to harvest and like the effect of the green lighting. I also have tried not to destroy the landscape as I harvest resources, ( for aesthetics', and reduce lag/better gameplay).
It was around the time I killed Bonemass I decided, wow, I like this game, and they are promising some updates real soon, and didnt want to finish the current game and be bored when updated. So, I decided to spend some time right now getting some bases set up on relatively unexplored areas of my map to be ready for those updates. Since have time, these newer bases are/will be fully upgraded and functional, as well as visually stunning/unique builds. When the updates arrive, I will have good bases to explore those updates. I am pretty well maxed out on equipment and weapons right now, all from normal game play.
SPOILER: I recently found a Mistlands biome and have placed a portal at a future build site near it. It will be at the intersection of a Plains, Black Forest, and Mistlands biomes. The combination of those biomes presents new design possibilities, and challenges for defense, etc. for, and during the build, as well as exciting local game play after completion because of it. I expect this will be my best build yet as already have a lot of resources ready.
I really like Valheim over some other survival games because it has a good balance between survival and build/creativity. After over 300 hours in game, Valheim is still fun for me. Well done Iron Gate. I think because it remains fun I am hesitant to finish the game before the updates arrive with new bosses and challenges.
I am considering hosting a server for Valheim, and will post the info on such if do.
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I think we have a similar play style. We're on day 697 or about 267 real life hours. Which by comparison must mean you stay up through more nights than we do. I play mainly by myself but my wife joins often and my younger brother logs in about once a week. We're in no rush to finish the game, typically delay beating bosses for when my brother is on. We found the location of the 5th boss last night.

I've never died to a tree. We had 5 camps before settling a town and reconnecting our camps to the central location. I don't die often but 90% of the time it's when I'm with my brother and we're looking for trouble. All our builds are created with harvested materials but I have used imacheater, now devcommands, with freefly to take screenshots. I like knowing the wall of our home is built with stone gathered from our first mining camp. That said, when we beat the 5th boss, I think I'll try debugmode on a different world to create some purely creative builds.

I think because of our paced play style, we basically skipped iron gear and got silver/ wolf armor. However, it's interesting that we need more iron now with black metal than we did during that phase of our game. So... Iron Gate... knows how to balance materials.

My most recent death happened while searching for fresh Plains with my wife. It was dark foggy night and impossible to see much while sailing past the Mistlands. We docked on the border of the Mistlands and Plains and after setting up a portal home, a pack of loling fulings comes out of the darkness. Why didn't we dock in the barren Mistlands? We kill two fulings and my wife goes through the portal. I try to follow but the black metal in my inventory prevents travel. I'm forced to fight and of course a 2 star fuling shows up. I run and jump into the longboat and toss the black metal into storage. I'm thinking about sailing away but my instinct is to go home. The 2 star and an additional furling swim to the boat and I try to snipe them with needle arrows but they smash the boat for 100+ damage and I jump out thinking about the precious loot. I slash at the fulings, run for the portal only to somehow pick up more black metal, portal rejects me and I die. Portal is destroyed shortly after and I'm furious at how it all played out and the distance between home and my death. When you die like this, a sinking feeling comes over you before coming up with a plan to get it back. This unexpected chaos is what makes the game fun.

Love the game and don't mind waiting for updates.


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