Question about the next jam (Tower)

AstridSinjesdottir bidsehefrau11/12/23 4:38 am
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11/18/2023 2:52 pm
Bane The Builder
Can i submit a build that is already shared on my profile page, or are only new builds allowed to the Jam?
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AstridSinjesdottir bidsehefrau
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11/17/2023 1:47 pmhistory
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Ideally, you would enter a tower built for this contest instead of using one you've already posted. In fact, our platform won't let you enter posts made prior to the jam itself. Perhaps you could revisit the tower in-game and make a significant update to make it "new", publish and then enter it into the jam.

Overall, we're mainly looking to see what our members can create in the game. The jam is meant to motivate you to push your own abilities because you're aware of the competition.
11/18/2023 2:52 pmhistory
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Bane The Builder
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Yes i wanted to ask same question as i finished my tower too late for last mistlands build competition. I was hoping i can apply it for this one. Well i guess ill just start thinking about new one :)


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