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📢 Valheimians Contest Theme Poll! 📢

Valheimians, the time has come for you to have a say in our next grand contest! Two themes stand tall and strong, waiting for your votes. The spirit of Valheim lies not just in battling the beasts, but also in crafting tales and monuments that echo through the ages. So, which tale will it be?

🏰 Towers

Reach for the skies! This theme is all about towering structures, spiraling staircases, majestic tall lookouts, and perhaps, a touch of vertigo. Ever wondered how high you can go, or what secrets can be held aloft? This is the time to let your architectural ingenuity fly high and challenge the very laws of gravity.

🎃 Spooktober

Ghosts, goblins, and spooky builds! As October approaches, the thin veil between our world and the supernatural grows ever more transparent. This theme taps into the eerie lore of Valheim, inviting you to craft haunted meadows, cursed woods, or foreboding fortresses. Let's see how well you can spook your fellow Vikings!

🗳️ Cast your votes within 14 days, brave souls. The fate of our next challenge lies in your hands.

Poll #2 : 🛠️ Modded or Vanilla? You Decide! 🛠️
Vikings, another crucial decision awaits you! Will our builders wield the tools of mods to enhance their masterpieces or stay true to the pure essence of Valheim with vanilla-only creations? Your vote will set the rules of the battleground. Choose wisely, for the realm of possibilities changes with each path!

🔗 Vote Here and shape the future of the upcoming contest! 🗳️

Poll ended 09/05/2023 11:40 am.

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