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9/5/2023 9:58 pm
Boomboy's Avatar Boomboy
Hello Valheimians!

We're planning our next Valheim Build contest. You can vote on the theme here.

Note: This poll is a rerun of this one due to the small sample size of only 5 votes. In an effort to get a larger sample size, we're promoting the poll and running it for a longer duration. Either way, this poll will decide whether our next build contest is vanilla or modded.


Should we continue to restrict builds to vanilla Valheim or should we see what happens and allow modded Valeim builds?

What is Vanilla Valheim Contest?

Creative mode and quality of life mods are allowed. Focus is on what is possible in Valheim even though creative mode would allow the use of items that might take unreasonable amounts of time to gather.
Our last one was the Mistlands Build Contest

What is Modded Valhiem Contest?

All mod restrictions lifted. You could use mods that allow fine tuned rotation, texture packs and even new build objects.
We have never hosted a modded build contest.

Poll ended 09/05/2023 11:51 am.

Posted by Valheimians's Avatar
Level 46 : Master Bee Keeper

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09/05/2023 9:58 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Builder
Boomboy's Avatar
Bummer was hoping I would never have to display my skills modded format..
09/03/2023 6:06 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Raspberry
TheJukeboxHero's Avatar
¿por que no los dos?
09/03/2023 11:40 am
Level 35 : Artisan Modder
Sugaplz's Avatar
I feel this isn't just a black or white question.
Mods like Gizmo, BetterCreative and PlantEverything I think should be allowed.

If we're talking about mods that add structures and build pieces like
MoreGates, Valkea and Clutter I'd say no.

Altough I do like me some nice clutter :-)
Sven of Undenfell
08/29/2023 4:12 am
Level 26 : Expert Viking
Sven of Undenfell's Avatar
I do enjoy playing modded Valheim but not for building. Clutter is excellent as is the HoneyPlus mod(please update this if the creator is reading!!), but not the build mods. I know they are brilliant but with the Vanilla build, its a lot easier for a lot more people to enter the competition as the Gizmo and the likes take a lot of time and effort to perfect to get the most out of it with only a few being able to do so.
08/24/2023 9:45 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Modder
Shawesome's Avatar
I love me some freedom of creation! Although I Think it'd be fair to just have 2 top spots one for best vanilla build and the other for best Mod build.

(apples and oranges kinda thing)
08/22/2023 6:51 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Builder
Archivist's Avatar
Valheim is one of the few games I HATE modds on, especially when seeing a posted build. I give no credit to those who have to use game modifications to achieve a 'great build'. I have maximum respect for those who learn how to play Valheim and thus how to get the results they want without modifications. One takes skill, while the other only takes time to find a modd that will allow you to make the game do what it wasn't envisioned to do by its creators.
08/25/2023 5:57 pm
Level 42 : Master Builder
MythicBuilds's Avatar
I was of a similar mindset until I saw some of DhakhaR and Artyfacts' modded builds. Definetly not something an average builder can pull off!


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