Heilsa! I am Aasta

AastaWadrsdottir's Avatar AastaWadrsdottir4/14/21 7:46 am
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6/7/2024 11:33 am
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Happy to meet all of you! My husband and I are really enjoying playing Valheim. We are long time players of ESO. And I am a historical role player and sim designer in SL. Valheim truly meets both of our wishes in a game!

We have been steadily progressing. I build, farm, and back up my Husband as he ventures out and about. We just made it to the very edge of some plains the other day. Scored my very first Deathsquito kill too!!
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06/07/2024 11:33 am
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Hei hei, cached my eye with the name, Aasta means a year in my language :)) also started to play this game along with my husband, 3 weeks ago, now we both have own world and visit each other sometimes there. Also sim designer, just not in SL but Osgrid :))
04/14/2021 12:52 pm
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Welcome! Deathsquito's are so satisfying to snipe out of the air. Especially when they are heading straight towards you. Wait for it, wait for iiiiit. PEW!

I'm playing with my wife & younger brother. We're taking it slow both because we have to or we'll die and because we're really enjoying the exploration and building. Even though we just beat Bonemass, we were already in the Mountains, have wolf gear and cautiously explored the Plains. We're settling our first town now vs having multiple base camps.
04/17/2021 8:49 am
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We ventured to a spot just on the edge of the plans and lucked out, finding a repairable stone building...we rebuilt, and expanded, now farm our grain there. This was supposed to be a transition base to Moder, but it ended up being really a great spot! We just killed Moder last night.