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pressdelight2/21/23 10:40 pm
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3/1/2023 10:26 am
JP Valheim
Hey fellow Valheimians!

I just hit 930 days on my server and finally decided to get into the community and see what everyone is up to. Looking forward to hanging out and sharing a horn of mead. :P.

Loving the Mistlands update and the teasers for the Ashenlands are getting me all fired up for what's to come. I've been enjoying working with the new Marble construction pieces. I'll have to share some of my builds at some point. Nothing amazing, but a few structures I'm proud of.
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03/01/2023 10:26 am
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JP Valheim
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Hello there!

The marble construction pieces are dope. I love that they are actually strong unlike the stone (most strong monsters make stone look like wood)

I haven't quite gotten the hang of all the different shapes and whatnot though. I built a base out of them thinking I could fight the monsters on the roof, but I built the roof to low... so all the monsters AOE attacks destroyed all the furniture in the room beneath the roof without destroying the roof itself !


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