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User1836D6/6/22 9:16 pm
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6/11/2022 6:05 pm
Just started messing around with Buildshare and got my first building placed and constructed and was wondering if some of the more advanced downloadable builds, that use building mods to rotate and place pieces, can those be downloaded and constructed without the mods used to originally create them?
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06/10/2022 9:18 pm
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By coincidence I have recently discovered it causes problems. You can download and use them, but if the build happens to be saved on an angle that is not vanilla, placement will be off center in vanilla. The huge problem with this is that you can't add anything to the build or place pieces on that angle (f.e. a forge will not line up with the wall). I contacted Jules to see if something can be done in PlanBuild, BuildShare I wouldn't know who to contact and if they would change anything.

So yes, you can absolutely use the buildings, but if you're unlucky, it will be a wrong angle. The easy solution is to use a rotation mod yourself, but I hope there will be a solution in PlanBuild at least so I can fix my stuff or people can rotate it with the mod themselves.

If you want to see what I mean, try this one, people made me aware of the problem with this one on Nexus, here ánd Reddit :v www.valheimians.com/build/starter-community-home/
06/11/2022 6:05 pm
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Thanks for the info


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