My Castle and some problems

DdoBOM11/12/21 5:03 am
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12/15/2021 6:12 pm
Hello everyone!
I built this castle in the plains of Valheim and it took a very long time.
Besides some general advice I'm having some problems with the lighting ... As you can see I have a lot of flashlights and they consume a lot ...
It is clearly impossible to power them every time, so what would you recommend to avoid being in the dark? I haven't tried the other flashlights for a matter of materials (I don't use tricks) but I think those will wear out too ... No?

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my suggestion would be to use valheim plus and enable the option for fire/torches if you only want lighting to be always filled and not fire places thats an option too.... here is the config section in question from the valheim_plus.cfg

; Change false to true to enable this section. https://valheim.plus/documentation/list#FireSource
enabled = true

; If set to true, torch-type fire sources will stay at max fuel level once filled.
; Applies to: wood torches, iron torches, green torches, sconces and brazier.
torches = true

; If set to true, non torch-type fire sources will stay at max fuel level once filled.
fires = true´╗┐
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braziers last a good while and coal is pretty easy to come by... theres also the flame sword in addition to Mythicbuilds list but they have to be spawned in
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There are some items in the game that produce lighting and don't require refill. Their lighting ofcourse is not as strong as torches, but it's better than nothing. The easiest one to build is the ward, but you could also try:
  • fulling totems
  • golem trophies
  • swamp keys
  • dragon eggs
  • surtling trophies

In addition, you could make a surtling farm , which will make your Braziers the most resource-friendly refill ever.


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