Trouble deciding where/what to build at

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5/3/2022 4:38 pm
I want immersion and I have a specific seed I want to use. The problem is I am so overwhelmed with where to build. I dont like multiple bases I just want 1 main base location with a dock/foundry/garden/farm as well as being safe from raids. Any build suggestions are very appreciated.
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04/08/2022 5:43 am
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i play like this. I choose a medium island and build it all arround ( castle, town, dock,....) ) no place for spawn ^^ so no spawn no event ^^. and build only some small dock and inn where needed all around the map
04/04/2022 2:37 pm
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Safest place for a base is a nice, big patch of meadows near the sea, or perhaps build IN the sea by raising the ground first.

Now, if you like to live dangerously, I recommend using some of those large pillars in the Plains biome and build around them. You can do some really impressive bases that way.
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I start by building in the vanilla spots, I've found some in very great spots. I either fix up the vanilla buildings or tear them down and build something smallish; As I'm running along finding these locations I'm also putting pins on the map of any POI and sometimes just pretty spots.

After doing this for a bit I then asses the map & also landscape to lay out some general dirt roads. The locations with multiple buildings I make towns and consider their roads more travelled.

After a while I end up with a kind of story for each location and spend more time building up some areas than others.

Here is my most recent map, not very far in: ibb.co/W0DqKx9

To the north is my trader, the starter houses a friend and I built are in the middle near a lovely lake. The southern big red circle is the major town/dock that I have just started on; it has a few houses going up the coast east. There are a few towns/farms near the mountains that I also plan to build out. My friend build their 2nd base to the far east in a tower at the base of a mountain.

Also, I don't use that portals list mod. I like to build portals into its own building rather than large portal rooms (but I also plan to have a central hub when my map gets large enough)


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