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1/24/2023 9:56 am
JP Valheim
As most of you know, the next big patch is going to be the Mistlands, and I thought it would be fun to have a discussion and make predictions about what the Mistlands will bring with them… Or what we wish it would bring.

Here are my predictions/wishes/suggestions:


SPIDERS/ARACHNIDS: The main “bread and butter” mob of the Mistlands. Spiders are weak to Fire damage and resist poison. Just like Goblins and Greydwarfs, they are split into different “classes” with different stats and capabilities:
  • Arachno Strider: The all-rounder unit. Boasts great damage and average HP pool. Attacks deal small amount of poison damage. Has a jump move.
  • Arachno Dreadweaver: The “Big brute” unit of the bunch. Possibly based on tarantulas. Boasts more damage than Strider, and High amount of HP. Has more telegraphed moves and lacks poison damage to compensate. Includes a charged aoe needle attack.
  • Arachno Webspitter: Less HP and damage than Strider, but has a dangerous Web shoot ability. 1 stack slows you by 50%, 2nd stack holds you in place for a couple seconds.
  • Arachno Widower: Has the least HP (Basically a 1 shot with top tier weapons), moves slower than the other Arachnids, but its attack leaves a very nasty poison debuff that could kill a player without poison resistance mead (Similar to slime poison but stronger). Is based on the Black Widow spider and has distinct red patterns on it to alert the player.


Remember the big skeleton heads we see in the mistlands? Wouldn’t it be really cool if those were heads from actual mobs that are there? Ymir’s Outcasts are giant skeletal undead monstrosities, as tall as the elder. They boast massive HP and similarly high damage, but have very telegraphed moves. They are weak to blunt damage and affected by spirit (being undead), and have high resistance vs piercing damage and poison damage. They are hostile vs spiders, which may lead into some very exciting 3 way situations.

Lore wise, they are connected to Ymir, the first giant in Norse mythology, which has been referenced in the valheim universe already (Ymir flesh). They are outcast children of Ymir, their strong feelings of misery, anger and grief have slowly given them these undead forms. Now they roam the mistlands aimlessly, guided by their vengefulness, attacking everything that moves.


Here I’m thinking…Maybe something that crawls or slithers, something that can climb up the massive mistland trees, like giant snakes or centipedes. Maybe add some 2-star werewolves and wraiths in the mix aswell, for variety. Or perhaps giant Moths that glow in the dark, that’d be cool (also because we need the obligatory flying unit, I think).


This one HAS to be some sort of Arachnid. Something that emphasizes on the concepts of fear and darkness. My google search has led me to believe that there are no spider deities/mythical beasts in Norse mythology. The only thing I found was the fact that Loki, may be associated with spiders. So perhaps an unknown 4th son of Loki? That would probably flesh out the Valheim plot aswell, like Loki trying to sabotage the warrior to spite his father Odin, or some other divine scheme going on in the background.


Here we could have 2 different sets of armor for 2 different playstyles. The spider mobs drop a crafting material called “Steelweb” which can be used to craft the 2 new sets of armor.

  • Dreadnaught armor: The regular 10% movespeed penalty armor. Grants more armor than the padded one and looks way cooler. Requires Steelweb, Black Metal, and some linen thread.
  • Webwonder armor: This armor gives about as much armor as the Wolf armor set, but has no movespeed penalty. Getting the full set grants the wearer an additional 5% Movespeed (Or we could go with the sneak bonus if the Movespeed feels OP). Requires Steelweb and Linen thread (But more than Dreadnaught), and maybe some other special material idk.

Yagluth thing: The Yagluth thing could be a material to craft an enchanting table, which will allow the player to enchant their weapons to deal additional elemental damage and have cool glowing effects that will light the darkness. This also goes well with Yagluths elemental theme. You can choose between Fire, Poison, Frost or Spirit (Spirit’s numbers are highter because it only works on undead). This allows for additional weapon / playstyle customization without making the game too complex (You’re welcome Iron Gate).

Ancient Bone fence
Ancient Bone Collumns
Ancient Bone Roof
Steelthread Curtain
Steelthread Rug
Venomglow Lamp
Ancient Tree build piece set
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JP Valheim
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This was quite interesting to read, now that Mistlands has been released. I thought it was funny how everything here is based off of the old world gen (which had skulls and spiderwebs).

But then when Mistlands actually came out they changed that completely! You did get the insect part right though xD

And the queen is basically a big spider boss, so you got that part right too!
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I'm hoping there will be a new pet to tame that can replace the line of wolves I have defending the perimeter of my base walls. I haven't bothered using lox for perimeter defense since they tend to damage everything around them in pursuit of their target. So, I'm hoping for a more nimble pet, like wolves, but more powerful, too!
11/04/2021 9:08 am
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I saw a runestone in Valheim once that stated something in the realms of "beware the giant ones", but I haven't seen it since. It was on the border of the mistlands and plains and back then I thought I had found something!

In my head there had been a "war" for the mistlands between giants, some distant relatives to Ymir, whos skulls litter the ground, and some sort of arachnids because of the webs all around.

"There were once a lot of giants around until the spiders came in masses and killed of most of them. One day a giant united the remnants of the families of the giants to hunt and kill the spider queen, of which the whole brood descended from. After years of wars and countless battles the spiders were finally wiped from the surface of Valheim, but the giants were on the brink of extinction too. They seperated, each one returning to their now empty home in the mistlands. That is were they dwell in seclusion, falling into a deep slumber.

Beware traveller, who wanders the mistlands, do not draw the rage of the giant ones, for they have been lonely for too long."

In this case giants would be a stronger enemy, but they'd be hard to find, they might be in a deep slumber and covered in earth/ stones/ trees and awoken by interaction with the area (cutting down trees, mining, digging, etc.). The void the spiders left in the ecosystem would be filled with some mob that has different variations (like the greydwarfs/ draugr/ fulings), maybe some sort of (dark) elves that are able to harvest and use the spider webs.

New crafting materials could be:
  • spider silk, that can be interwoven with the strings from flax (or even leather!) to create a more powerful light armour
  • Ymir bones (dug up/ mined from parts of skulls/ dropped by elves/ giants)

The boss could be a kind of two phased battle, first one would encounter a leader/ king/ whatever of the elves, but the battle would be on the sleeping ground from the giant that once united all the giant-tribes. One would think the elf would be the boss here (but being just a liiiiittle bit too easy for a boss), but the giant would awake as soon as one killed the elven leader, and he is filled with rage, being the actual boss.
11/06/2021 12:20 pm
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I like the giant idea. Although I really would like it if a few of them actually roamed the surface. Imagine how awesome it would be running around and suddenly you see a giant walking in the distance.
I don't know how I feel about plain-old dark elves. Presonally I'd like to see something a bit larger, and more grotesque, something that screams danger! Maybe a sort of mutation between greydwarves and dark elves? Is there any other creature in Norse mythology that fits the dark theme of mistlands?

...I still have hopes that the boss will be a massive spider. Maybe it's the spider king, waiting for a chance to take revenge for what the Giants did to his kin. The spiders are gone, and their king imprisoned? Maybe Odin had a hand in the giants defeating the spiders, so now their king hates him? Although the double boss sounds interesting too.
10/29/2021 2:07 am
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I personally hope that they will add enough building pieces to more then double the current building pieces available.

Some of the things that I would love to see:

Crafting Stations:

One thing that would be nice to see is that as you add the upgrades around the different crafting stations that can be upgraded the crafting station itself would have an appearance change for each level.

In Hearth and Home we gained the Iron Cooking Station but we were left with the regular cauldron. An Iron cauldron that could be used for new cooking recipes and was larger in size would be nice.

My final idea for crafting stations currently is to remove all potion making from the cauldron / fermenter and add an alchemy station for making potions. I would also change the meads from the base for potions to buff items like food currently does.

Building Pieces:

1m, 2m and 4m poles and beams available for all materials including regular wood, fine wood, core wood, dark wood and wood iron, as well as adding the 26 and 45 degree angled and cross pieces for all the materials. In addition as MythicBuilds had said adding the Ancient Tree building pieces would be amazing.

A massive, massive improvement that I think they could make would be to add all of the wall sizes including the angled walls and a roof style for all the materials.

Placeable wood and stone statues.

An in between of the regular bed and the dragon bed.

New fences including a stone one.

Any color available in a torch would be nice to have as a sconce or brazier.

This next one has to be one of my largest wants of all. I really hope that they add armor and weapon display stands. These alone could take builds to the next level.

Last but not least for building materials, it can never hurt to have more tables, chairs, thrones and banners as well as other available decorations.

As far as new lore, mobs, armor, weapons, boss's, mini boss's, plants and general environment goes I'll be the first to admit I'm excited for more of it but could not in the foggiest give any ideas. However I really do like all of the ideas and predictions MythicBuilds had mentioned in his original post.
10/29/2021 6:51 am
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The missing link between "heap of straw" bed and "luxury dragon queen sized Auping" bed is something that bugs me too. And I feel that a rotation option for building pieces would add a lot of possibilities already, it also removes the need of having horizontal and vertical beams, just one beam that you can rotate in any way. I use a rotation mod and it adds so much more options just with the basic stuff already that I feel it should be part of the base game.

I feel the upgrades for the crafting stations should be able to be placed further away too, it makes no sense for a wood chopping block and an atze to be inside just to be able to be in range. And the spice rack is my nemesis, way too often you can't hang it from the ceiling, because that is out of range, it feels so extremely crowded to put all those upgrades together. And asks a lot of space at the same time because they pieces need range in between them, what makes that people put grinders and anvils on shelves, to save room, but that makes no sense either, let alone that you would be able to lift an anvil on top of something like that :v
10/31/2021 9:10 am
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I myself don't enjoy having to download a mod however that is just a personal preference. I see nothing wrong with other people doing it, just not for me which is why I would rather have all the extra pieces.

I think an excellent in between of the "heap of straw" bed and the "luxury dragon queen sized Auping" bed as you described them would be a troll deer and troll hide bed. Far too often do I find myself with excessive amounts of both of those and nothing to do with them. It would give the second bed and a sort of "material dump"

You also made an absolutely brilliant point about the range of placement for crafting station upgrades.
10/31/2021 2:51 pm
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As much as I want more building stuff, I doubt that Iron Gate is going to focus that much on them in the near future. We might get a few new bits each big patch, but I don't expect our building options to double in a single patch, that's focused on a new biome no less.

I do agree on the placement ranges for the upgrades being silly. It limits creative options so much when you try to make your build useable.
10/31/2021 5:33 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Raven
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That's why adding more rotation options would already change so much. You can place a door in the ground and have a trap door, I've placed stairs more straight up to have some kind of ladder solution, the diagonal beams that are missing for the darkwood are no problem either. Building might not be their main focus, but they would be crazy to ignore the players that go wild about it. The builders are those that will keep coming back because it's not about progress or finishing the game or content. We can keep ourselves amused :D

I really hope for some basic stuff, which could partly be solved by adding more rotating options and some in between furniture for more basic life builds. Especially the comfort pieces demand a lot of space and feel very out of place sometimes. I managed to cram 11 comfort in a tiny hut, but it wasn't easy.
10/31/2021 6:25 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Builder
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I have a sneaking suspicion that IF they ever decide to add extra rotations to items, that alone will take them several months to implement.
10/28/2021 8:05 am
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Grimmcore has played with us twice on the server and he shed some light on the Mistlands. Now he could be trying to divert us, but I don't really see a reason why and he warned us it was a bit of a spoiler. So spoiler alert!

What Grimmcore told us about the plans for the Mistlands

No spiders. There were spiders once, but something killed them. That is probably what we're gonna be up against. The Mistlands are gonna get a makeover too, the trees are way out of proportion and The Mistlands were one of the first things they created and in the meanwhile they have grown and the game has grown, so they probably want to implement new ideas and skills they obtained since then.
10/28/2021 11:49 am
Level 38 : Artisan Builder
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Damn. Talk about subversion of expectations...


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