Predict what the Hearth & Home Update will add to Valheim!

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5/29/2021 4:22 pm
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For fun, post predictions on what will be added with Hearth and Home update. Once it drops, I think it could be interesting to see who was on the same page as the devs. Feel free to spit ball ideas to see what sticks :D
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05/29/2021 4:22 pmhistory
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Here's my initial predictions.
  • Armor stands
  • Water Wheel + limited power for lighting without resin.
  • Objects that use skeleton bones. Bone arrows (not really hearth & home).... Bone blocks? Bone utensils or aesthetic tools? Maybe a bone comb to customize your hair / beard? Chess / Mini-game with carved bones? haha. I just know bone lacks purpose right now, yet has so much potential.
  • Drums / musical instruments. Sea of thieves has a really cool collaborative method of playing songs and passing the lead from one player to another. I'd like to see that in Valheim.
Will post more when / if I think it's worth making the prediction vs diluting potential accuracy :D


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