PlanBuild, decor and beehives missing from blueprint

Ryder8/31/23 10:35 am history
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Hey you all fine people!

Ive decided to share a few of my builds so Im currently sorting them out with blueprints.

However, I see some pieces do keep missing.
Ive got a greenhouse with a workshop attached to it, in this "workshop" there are benches with all sorts of acorns, seeds and stuff on itemstands (mod) included some christmas decor.
Christmasdecor are hanging in rows, they are to be seen as "buildpieces"? They dont follow the blueprint and thats a bit sad cause they do add a special kinda workshop-feel. The midsummercrown and the maypole do show up tho.
Also the greenhouse has been abandoned a while and are (on my server) infested with a few beehives here and there, they also do vaninsh in the blueprint, Maby cause I spawned them in at some point.

Is there any way to sort the missing pieces from the blueprint or do I have to pass it on without those fancy details?
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