A Valheim Dedicated server

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Ragnor started 5/26/21 4:46 pm
Tattoo4u replied 6/2/2021 6:12 am
I am considering launching a dedicated Valheim server. I would likely run 3-5 mods on it such as valheim Plus. I would be looking for a dozen or so valheim players to join it. Me and the wife will be two of them. We do stream on twitch ( a few games), and would encourage those on the server to do such too, and may be included in our streams.
We hope to have each player, or co-op of players have one main base/city, and from there, outpost, etc for resources. RP opportunities for trade, collaboration on bosses etc should be all part of the server community. If so desired, PvP can be included.
Exotic builds will be allowed, as plan such for ourselves, BUT not so much as to cause server lag issues. Debugmode will not be enabled for any, including ourselves. Player skill will determine success, not cheat modes.
If any who read this are interested in such a server, please message me- it may encourage me to make this a reality sooner than later.
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06/02/2021 6:12 am
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hi I have played Valheim a lot I got over 1200hrs in the game but I`m looking for new places to build and new people to play with and help them along ..I don`t have mods but looking to start using them..I just don`t know the right ones to get and how to install them I`m a bit of a idiot when it comes to things like that ,but when I solve that little prob` id love to join


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