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4/19/2023 10:22 pm
JP Valheim
Hello everybody!

I've been maintaining a surprisingly popular custom valheim server (proud to have over 1000 logged deaths on the server in less than a month!)

That being said, I've stumbled across some simple features which would be INCREDIBLY useful for server building. In general, I see serverbuilding as the future of valheim because it allows the players to create their own linear valheim combat experiences, quests, and puzzles - I have a feeling this will really take off in the future(distant future, I'm talking about after Valheim has all its bosses and is a finished game, we could all be dead by then)

This is one of the reasons I make tutorials, I believe that people will make lots of these kinds of custom servers in the future, and I want to open people's eyes to what is possible.This post is a place for me compile these little features; so that in the future I can make some server-side mods to take care of them. (ideally keeping the players clients vanilla)

One of the biggest problems at the moment is just that valheim really doesn't perform well during combat with multiple players in a region. I think I can alleviate this reality by using some tricks to reduce the instance count.

1) An item despawner. Linear valheim experiences like the ones I make make loot sorta irrelevant, because there's monsters everywhere and you are given gear to use on the server. Therefor, the server ends up incredibly cluttered as people play and its not uncommon for there to be 200 loose items around at all times. This is why I would like an item that "pulses" the "remove drops" command around its area. Basically, the item would automatically remove drops every 2 minutes or something like that.

2) Ethereal items. Linear servers are really awesome ways to create scenarios in valheim; such as fighting hordes of goblin or dvergr that are far more challenging than base valheim combat. However, giving players items to use is a pain on public servers because other players are always stealing the weapons and armor and food from the server. This is why we need an "ethereal" setting, which basically makes an item temporary, and the item will be deleted upon leaving the server. This way, players can join custom servers without ruining their game balance, and we also won't have to worry about thieves taking stuff as much.

3) Support for public servers. At the moment, the only way to make a server public is to put the password in the server's name. I get that public servers aren't for everybody. But after running a public server for a month? No valheim experience has ever compared to the level of fulfillment and joy I've experienced this month. I will never go back to playing private servers. I've used some work-arounds for having a public server, but it would be great if it could just be a public server with no password at all. At the moment valheim forces a password

Anything you think would be useful to help maintain a server? Let me know! Ill be adding to this list over time.
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Signs. Oh, signs. I love them. I hate them. I must use them but they are easily overwritten with no way for me to track the writer.

It would be incredibly useful if the player's name was recorded with the sign text. For example, if I edited a sign to say "Have a nice day", it would say "Have a Nice Day" -Jack (it would just put the character's name there)

This is mostly for accountability. Somebody keeps replacing the signs with derogatory words and I have no way of knowing who! Even a serverlog event like "character x edited sign" would be awesome jajaja

By the way, I'm writing this to braindump these features so I have a place to work more on them; I love IronGate and I don't expect anybody to consider any of this important. However, this allows me to make a mod in the future, and I'm sure I'll be able to address a lot of these issues with a server-side mod that is not required on the client end. I'm trying to keep things client side vanilla because a public server that requires mods is dead. A vanilla public server can be quite active with regular new players

Wards are awesome. They would be even cooler if there was a way to make certain items ignore ward restrictions. Wards can be used to make interesting puzzles but because they stop everything in a huge radius its tricky to place them properly


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