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HTF Games Studio
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Main Goal of This Channel is to produce for all games the following content:
- Answer to all Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)
- Show how to obtain all the Collectibles to achieve 100% Completion
- Share tons of Tips and Tricks
- Showcase special base design if the game has base building system

Special Goals we can do only with YOUR help
- Website with all the video tutorials organized in the same fashion it is in the game. Here is the beta: https://www.htfgamestudio100.com
- Interactive Maps
- Completionist Mobile App where you can access all the content and track what you already done and watched

How You can Help us?
- Joining the Membership program: https://www.youtube.com/c/HTFGamesStudio/join
- Using the ❀️Thanks button under the videos you enjoyed the most, leaving a donation to support the project
- Using this Channel as your main source to obtain answers for the games you play

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