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Try Out The Custom Valheim Adventure Server!

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JP Valheim avatar JP Valheim
Level 47 : Master Lox
Hello everybody! Today I am excited to share a custom valheim adventure server that I have been working on. I love valheim and at the moment, I feel like there isn't much chance in the game to practice with all the awesome magic spells that iron gate has added. So, while we wait for ashlands, I've created an end-game experience to give us a chance to practice using the magic abilities!

This server is a series of 11 challenges which start from the moment you log in. Don't worry, the server is designed to be used by a naked level 1 character, it is playable by anybody on PC or xbox. Throughout the server are a series of checkpoints which allow you to save your progress and try out different spells and abilities. Everything you need can be found on the server, so check it out!

Feel free to use anything you find along the way - the server restarts once every couple of days, depending on how much players have destroyed things. Don't be surprised if you login to find that everything is trashed... just keep exploring, people usually don't get very far!

Soon, I'll make a video showing how to make these custom servers; but for now I thought it would be fun to do a video tour of the custom server I've been working on. You are all welcome to try it out. If you comment on the article, I can even upload the world file so that you can play it locally on your PC! // password

Enjoy the video!

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