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Myftix's Avatar Myftix
Level 12 : Journeyman Builder
Welcome to Bjornheim,

This is a modded world download since the build I created is unable to be copied into a Planbuild file or something similar. All pertinent mods are listed at the end of the description.

There are a million things I'd like to say about this build, but I'll limit myself to the basics.

This is my second build in Valheim and my first large build which also incorporated mods. With the help of creative mode, this project took around 2 months to get it it's current state. As of now, it's about 95% complete but at a frame rate fluctuating between 10 and 25 on lowest graphics it's difficult to add much more. It's approximately 100m tall and is fully supported without using any mods to tamper with the structural stability.
This entire base was created off-the-cuff with little to no preconception of what I wanted other than "big viking house/castle/thing," and it constantly transformed and morphed throughout the building process. My main focus was to produce something impressive that was functional but centralized around RP vibes. I found a lot of inspiration from illustrations, graphic design and many Valheim builders, which is reflected throughout the build.
Finally, there are hidden elements/entrances in this build which are tucked away in discreet corners here and there in the house, so have fun exploring basements, storage areas and bedrooms. :)

NOTE: The fps sucks. I took this build miles farther than originally intended and the best fps I can get out of my (fairly juiced-up) pc is about 20 frames on average.

Without further yapping, you can teleport to the build via the Western portal at the spawn site. It's highlighted with a torch and a sign reading "ᛒᛃᛟᚱᚾᚺᛖᛁᛗ" (mind the mobs).

MOD LIST (obtained from the Thunderstore website):
  • denikson-BepInExPack_Valheim-5.4.2202
  • OdinPlus-BruteWeapons-1.0.4
  • Azumatt-Azus_UnOfficial_ConfigManager-18.0.1
  • Therzie-Warfare-1.6.6
  • Therzie-WarfareFireAndIce-1.1.5
  • Therzie-Monstrum-1.3.4
  • Therzie-MonstrumAshlands-1.1.5
  • Therzie-MonstrumDeepNorth-1.1.6
  • Therzie-Armory-1.1.8
  • Smoothbrain-Blacksmithing-1.2.5
  • ValheimModding-Jotunn-2.17.0
  • BentoG-MissingPieces-2.0.7
  • Horem-Fruit_Trees-1.3.2
  • Smoothbrain-Jewelcrafting-1.5.16
  • Marlthon-OdinShip-0.4.1
  • blacks7ar-MagicBows-1.1.1
  • Digitalroot-Heightmap_Unlimited_Remake-1.4.0
  • OdinPlus-OdinArchitect-1.2.7
  • ValheimModding-HookGenPatcher-0.0.4
  • JereKuusela-Item_Stand_All_Items-1.20.0
  • Frogger-HiddenDoors-1.1.0
Progress95% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 Video Showcase : by Myftix 02/20/2024 9:39:03 amFeb 20th

I made a showcase video for the build. It's lengthy and basic but I wanted to show a little more than just the images. Again, I kept certain areas secret for anyone who might be interested on exploring the build.

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