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Japanese Lighthouse :3

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Nolian Milovnik's Avatar Nolian Milovnik
Level 40 : Master Builder
Oh how painful but yet, entertaining this build was to do, I mean come on, building this high isn't exactly the easiest? right? there is a stairway up too so, it's not exactly thick :3

Although you and your Viking brethren wont be able to stop at a dock, this lighthouse should sure as hell assist in a passive trip back to the safety of the shores and not into a pile of rocks!

Now this Lighthouse did provide a few problems yet, it was fun to experiment with, the current height you're seeing is the highest I can build (as of now)

Do feel free to take a look at the limited scenery though while you're here ;3
Progress100% complete

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Level 36 : Artisan Viking
03/29/2021 9:42 amhistory

Cyprezz's Avatar
Pretty lighthouse and putting the idea on my to do for our town. I can imagine it's welcoming sight coming home.

Curious what it looks like at night. Does it work? :D
Nolian Milovnik
Level 40 : Master Builder
03/29/2021 6:05 pm

Nolian Milovnik's Avatar
It partially shows some light, due to Valheims render distance and lighting, it's still quite difficult to spot and during a foggy night it's near impossible :(

However!! You can easily spot the tower alone, specifically it's middle sections, so missing it will be quite difficult, unless it's extreme fog :3


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