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Mount Trxllege... left unfinished....

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Trxllege's Avatar Trxllege
Level 20 : Expert Builder
I started this build about a week ago on my buddies alpha test server and sadly could not complete it before the new seed took over hence the launch of his BETA Version of this game. This was definitely a headache bringing the structure to life without being able to spawn in any mats, but considering that this is my first ever attempt building a castle i'm actually far from disappointed. I will definitely be back with a better & COMPLETE Castle build as we progress in this new server launch.

Build includes:
  - Grand Stair Case Leading to what wouldve been the main grounds for what I had envisioned being inside the walls
  - A Lox Taming Den
  - Blacksmiths/ storage branch which I made into my living quarters temporarily

Anyways, that is it from me for now. See ya soon!
Progress100% complete

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