Vanilla-ish builds to expand locations to existing biomes with more variety...but not overkill

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5/16/2024 9:36 am
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I have taken on the task of building two completely new biomes (SporeLands - Giant mushrooms with dwarves, etc) and (Arachnea - Spiders, Ent's, Elves, and Svaltars). I have another one that I will start on soon (CrystalLands - Crystal biome with Crystal landscape, caves, Crystal creatures and dragons). Once finished, I will be making four new biomes that will be DeepNorth and Ashlands related, but completely new since we will already have both in the finished game.

While in the process of creating the biomes and filling them with Bosses, locations and such, I determined that I would like to build some new POI's; not only for my new biomes, but also to expand the variety of existing locations in the current biomes. However, pretty much everything I've found on this site are "too good" for POI's that would be randomly found/stumbled across. Anyone ever make "generic" or simple POI's or spawner POI's to add to their worlds? I don't mind making them myself, but was surprised that I can't seem to find any on this site. Everything is over the top. Can anyone help me with some leads?
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05/16/2024 9:36 am
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Late train, but I love to create simple things like clutter, storage solutions, wells, I have a bunch of tiny homes and "generic" houses too, that I use myself as fillers, so maybe you find some inspiration in my gallery. And if you tell me what you'd like to see, I could do an attempt to create some for you.

Don't let my towers impose you.

Wells f.e.: https://www.valheimians.com/account/manage/builds/564/

Storage clutter, to decorate your dock vanilla: https://www.valheimians.com/build/storage-clutter/

More clutter: https://www.valheimians.com/build/clutter/

Coming up with a solution for the workbench spam: https://www.valheimians.com/build/utilities-cabinets/

Need a magic circle? https://www.valheimians.com/build/lit-floors-and-fences/

Or a burning ruin? https://www.valheimians.com/build/burning-ruins-more-testing-required/

Tiny castle that I used as a dungeon myself: https://www.valheimians.com/build/tiny-castle/

Tiny homes... https://www.valheimians.com/build/inspired-by-sorchaazura-tiny-homes/

So yeah, maybe I should start using tags :v
03/23/2024 10:42 am
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Are you talking about variations of ruins similar to the towers found in black forests and plains?

You'll need to be a lot more specific with what sort of POI aspects you'd like to see.
02/23/2024 9:22 pm
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I will assume this is not something that has been done or folk have considered uploading. I will upload my POI's as I build them. I am adding a new Burning Lands and Charred Lands which will lead up to the new upcoming Ashlands and am creating a Frost Lands and Frozen Lands which will be bordering the upcoming Deep North. I am also working out some new Atlantis Dungeons and Shipwrecks for the Ocean biome. I will be expanding the Vanilla biomes with some new structutures that I think will blend in with some new custom spawners. Jere''s Expand World mods for the win....


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