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All kinds of "stuff" that can add to a village or city. The farmhut is ideal for keeping all your gardening supplies together and growing some mushrooms on the side, signs, some storage boxes, barrels, coops (chickens are not included), announcement board, pump... Also "water tiles" to create the idea of water in a well or something else.

Nothing spectacular, just some things I use myself to add some dept to my builds.

Chickens are from Chickenboo by OdinPlus, screenshots partly made with HD Overhaul, a rotation and placement mod have been used during building.
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Update #1 : by MutantArtCat 02/16/2022 7:42:02 pmFeb 16th, 2022

Added more signs, coops and storage boxes, fixed the small barrels and some other minor stuff. Outhouse removed because that can be found in the Repaired ingame buildings download. Vbuilds changed to blueprints.

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