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Bakery and Loft

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Stormwind's Avatar Stormwind
Level 37 : Artisan Bone_Collector
This has a bakery storefront, a cooking area, and a loft area above it. This is a nice guest building instead of a primary housing and rest area for yourself.

The guest loft includes a dragon bed, poker table, 2 balconies, and cartography table partitioned off from the bedding area. Redesigning the loft is easy to do, if you wish to do so.

It is partially based on a video by SmittySurvival ( Hearth and Home Bakery Pt. 1 - Construction ).

I flipped the floorplan (to better fit in my base) and built a stone chimney over the hearth centered in the floorspace rather than as part of the back wall.
Progress100% complete

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Level 1 : New Builder
05/27/2023 8:44 am

muffin_games's Avatar
this is awesome! By the way, what is that you used on the table upstairs that looks like stone tablets with red writing on?

thanks in advance! :)
Level 37 : Artisan Bone_Collector
06/02/2023 4:40 pmhistory

Stormwind's Avatar
I use a mod called PlanBuild that provides this item. Any player who has this mod and is on your server can interact with this stone tablet to open a window where they can download any planbuild files you have available to their own PC. The mod also has a larger stone tablet that serves the same purpose, giving you a choice for how to share planbuild files with others through the game itself.

PlanBuild mod:

Level 1 : New Viking
03/01/2022 1:32 pm

TastyChickenLegs's Avatar
This looks nice. I like Smitty's channel too and recognized this build immediately. I like the changes you made. Thanks for sharing.


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