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The Wizard's Rook

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Stormwind avatar Stormwind
Level 19 : Journeyman Blacksmith
A portal hub consisting of 20 portals: 6 on the ground floor, 6 on the second floor accessible by stairs; the 3rd and 4th floors with 4 portals each, must be accessed first by taking the portal in the base interior of the tower to the very top. Then, using a unique stairless system of holes you 'drop' your way down to the desired level.

The idea was to have several commonly used portals accessible from the exterior base of the tower and then the higher levels be dedicated to all current and future boss areas.

The tower has several balconies and ledges from which to view the surroundings. The heads of several bosses are mounted prominently around the 3rd floor exterior. The upper floors have unique design and lighting schemes.

Caution about preparing to place this build: the ground needs some prep work to properly support this build. The first stone blocks circling the tower's base should just barely be above ground so no steps are necessary to travel on and off the structure.

A small circular trench should be dug to allow for the stairs down as you approach the portals on the first floor around the stone columns - there's one ring of stairs going down 1m, then stone flooring, then 1 ring of stair going back up 1m to meet the portals at their base. Without this accommodation the planned lower stone flooring in front of the portals would be underground and the stone columns would be partially underground as well.

Lastly, the center of the tower has wood iron poles that must be in contact with ground, so the base interior needs the ground as high as possible without showing through the floor and must make contact with each of the 8 wood iron poles that support the entire structure. Use the plan totem to initially place wood iron poles to confirm each pole is a solid blue before supplying the plan totem with everything else.
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