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Runeflayer Keep

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Vraul's Avatar Vraul
Level 17 : Journeyman Viking
Built within the sweltering heat of a Meadows valley, Runeflayer Keep served as Skarvald Runeflayer's first true home beyond mere huts and cramped spaces.

Served with a throne fit for a ruler.

Runeflayer Keep was the first true big build I ever built and without cheats (many construction vikings were indeed harmed and/or killed in the process). It's a moderately-sized early-game build, though I did add some extra logs to the interior for peace of mind. The keep was built in mind with an elevation rise walking up stairs to the throne, so the rear end of it is a decent bit higher up than the main bulk. I recommend building this with structural integrity turned off first and then working from there.

While I am personally finished with it, I left the build progress at 90% due to the fact that their are some glaring imperfections, mostly with the cubby-hole tunnel going from the bedroom to the throne/dining room area.

This build is less intended for experts - moreso for less-experienced builders maybe looking for some inspiration or just a cool big build they can use early in the game without having to repair stone or iron pieces.
Progress90% complete

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