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Qteecat's Avatar Qteecat
Level 21 : Expert Shield Maiden Viking
Hi Vikings,

I like to introduce my very first building that I designed myself in Valheim. Built in the Meadows area, It's a classic tier 3 starter house and advanced base with all its functional workbenchs that are upgraded to the highest tiers, a functional kitchen, overlooking a view of the ocean, 2 beds with a bath, and closet/armor area and many more, it may look so small in the front but inside is huge. You can customize it if you like but I'm hoping you will love it as much as we love it too.

The build consists of:
  • Pieces: 1730
  • Terrain Mods: 2
  • Center Marker: 1
  • Can be used in the standard version of the game
  • No mods were used, except devcommands for flying only
  • Ballistas are available outside but please make sure you assign trophies to assign target.

1st Floor details:
  • Portals
  • Storage Chests
  • Cartography
  • Stone Chairs
  • Gate Entrance

2nd Floor details:
  • Workbench lvl 5
  • Forge lvl 7
  • Black Forge lvl 3
  • Galdr Table
  • Storage Chests
  • Overlooking the area with 2 Stone chairs
  • Kitchen/Cauldron Lvl 5
  • Fermenting area
  • Artisan
  • Stonecutter
  • Spinning Wheel

3rd Floor details:
  • 2 Beds,
  • 4 Storage Chests, personal chests
  • Armor area and a Bath
  • Barber area
  • Small overlooking area

Thank you to all my friends and Boyfriend for the support.

Hope you love this and hope I did the blueprint correctly. Thank you so much for your support. Love Valheim and Love you all.
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Sven of Undenfell
02/23/2024 3:53 am
Level 28 : Expert Viking
Sven of Undenfell's Avatar
Very nice work.

Keep it up!
02/24/2024 3:41 am
Level 21 : Expert Shield Maiden Viking
Qteecat's Avatar
Thank you so much, i appreciate that!
02/14/2024 2:27 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Death236's Avatar
Love the time we put into this build when we was just first learning the build mechanics
02/14/2024 2:34 am
Level 21 : Expert Shield Maiden Viking
Qteecat's Avatar
Definitely, I love and this was our main 2nd Base far from the 1st base which was so basic hut haha! I love our Glassy House! <3