Valheim Builds / Longhouse

The Meadows Hall

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Qteecat's Avatar Qteecat
Level 21 : Expert Shield Maiden Viking
Hi Vikings,

This is sorta my 1st time Building a Longhouse lol in Meadows area, but my friends and I consider this as our Main Hall where all our portals are at, storage chests and banquet hall, this base has all its upgraded workbenches, and access to the back area for the kiln, blast furnace and smelters as well. I hope that you will find it useful and convenient to place anywhere. Thanks to all my friends Roinuj, Newbs and my boyfriend Death236 for helping me out with this built as well.

This build consist of:
2043 Pieces
1 Center mark
1 Terrain mark
Can be used in standard version of the game, Mods I used just devcommands flying, Gizmo
Ballista are available or can add more in the back, but dont forget to add trophies to assign targets

20 Portals so far, can add more if you desire
2 gated entrance left and right
Plants and Pine trees around the area
Surrounded by Black metal blocks 2x2x2 walls
All around Dvergr Stakewall (spikes)
2 Smelters
2 Blast Furnace
2 Charcoal Kiln
1 Eitr Refinary
2 Obliterator

Inside 1st Room:
Main Entrance
2 Log sitting area
1 black metal chest
15 Reinforced chest
2 Hearth
4 Cooking Station
2 Iron Cooking Station
2 Lvl 5 Cauldron
3 Fermenter Station
1 Barber Station
2 Stone Chairs
1 Back Area door
1 Stone oven

Inside 2nd Room:
1 Workbench lvl 5
1 Forge Station lvl 7
1 Black Forge lvl 3
1 Spining Wheel
1 Galdr Station
1 Artisan Station
11 Black Metal Chests
1 Ward

The Viezla (Banquet Hall)
2 Long tables
Lots of Item Stands
18 Small Chairs
4 Stone Chairs

You can definitely customized how you want inside, but so far this is what we had. Hope you like this built as much as we do. We still keep coming back here because its our first main base and we love it here. Thank you so much! Cheers! 
Progress100% complete

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02/24/2024 6:47 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Death236's Avatar
Absolutely loved our time working on this when we was starting out
02/24/2024 6:50 am
Level 21 : Expert Shield Maiden Viking
Qteecat's Avatar
Definitely its still our main base for sure!