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Modular Stone Wall

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AloofGoof's Avatar AloofGoof
Level 22 : Expert Viking
A basic modular stone wall for base defense. First time messing around with the terrain markers and snap points, so I apologize if they are kind of off. Was trying to make sure it was able to be elevated. You may need to manually fill in some spots depending on how much you rotate them. I eventually plan to add more piece to this modular wall like a gate and possibly towers. I'm still new to building so if you would like to make your own pieces, feel free. I just ask you send me a link to your upload so I can download them too. You will need a stonecutter for this build however that should be all you need.
Progress100% complete

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04/04/2024 10:09 am
Level 1 : New Builder
User4043G's Avatar
this wall has a lot of pieces for what seems to be needlessly, this would cause fps reduction for 0 reason as well as instance increase
05/28/2024 1:55 pm
Level 22 : Expert Viking
AloofGoof's Avatar
I just made it look how I liked, I never really thought about the amount of pieces. You make a good point, I was not considering people with lower performing computers. I personally never experienced any issues with lag. I appreciate the feedback.