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Best Way To Get Iron

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Heyyy buddies!

To get Iron you'll need to have defeated the second boss, Bonemass. If you're struggling with this here is a quick guide to defeating Bonemass as a solo player. The reason you need to defeat Bonemass is that he drops an item called Swamp Key. This is required to enter the Sunken Crypts where iron can be found and mined.

Sunken Crypts can be found fairly commonly in medium to large swamp biomes. Small swamp biomes may not contain any Sunken Crypts. If you're struggling to survive in the swamp, this guide might help.

Once you've found a crypt it's a good idea to set up a little FOB (forward operating base). A bed for respawn, fire for rested bonus, chests for spare loot and a portal just in case. This can be built directly off of or on top of the Sunken Crypt.

Once inside the crypt you'll be met with a series of rooms connected by blocked off passages. They're blocked by muddy scrap piles which incidentally is where you get a good portion of your iron. Mine these with a pickaxe to clear the way and you'll get a decent amount of Iron from these. That being said, the majority of your Iron will probably be found in the chests within the crypts.

The fastest (but not most efficient in terms of getting ALL the iron from each crypt) way to get iron is to only mine the scrap piles enough to get through to the next room. Rush through the crypt and clear every chest and move on to the next. Although you won't get the maximum iron per crypt there are plenty of crypts so there's no need to get every last piece of iron from each one.

I hope this helps!

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