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A City In The Meadows: Update #1

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Garllok's Avatar Garllok
Level 33 : Artisan Builder
In this first update of my City in the Meadows Build I have fleshed out the large bridge some more but I would not say that it is done as of yet. I've added a large "castle" type building on the upper area of the city. The small tower on the lower end of the bridge has had some details added and a walk way down to where the main city will be has been made.

In the main city there are only two new buildings to report on however they are two of the larger parts of the city. The first of which is a long house at the center of the city and the second is a full size boat house with the beginnings of a market built right into the boat house itself.

Neither the long house nor the boat house are done and are currently what I would call "shells" to be fleshed out down the road.

Things to come:

-Lumber Yard
--Special Project - Court of the chosen (This will have its own update, more info later on)

I want to give out a special thank you to SorchaAzura for assistance with inspiration as well as design elements put into place in the "castle" as well as all of my other friends in the community for putting up with my constant "Hey, How does this look?" and "What do you think about this?"
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