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Big Spiral House v2.5

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This base interior design comes from the feel for having easy access to all the facilities needed in a large homebase, so I purposefully didn't put in to many walls or have overly much stuff everywhere. I am using this base most of time while playing Valheim - so it has to be practical in use, and plentiful in capacity.
  • 6 Bedrooms with 6 levels of comfort and lux, from very basic to master bedroom
  • Every workstation fully upgraded, and room to grow
  • 2 kilns, 2 smelters, 2 blast furnaces, 2 eitr refiners, 3 spinning wheels, 3 wisp fountains
  • 24 BM chests for 768 slots of storage in workshop
  • Full kitchen with 20 pc. huge grill, 6 ovens, 7 fermenters. 18 reinforced chests for 432 slots of storage
  • Fenced in animal farm area under the big staircase, plenty big for all sorts. 3 entrances and divider w/doors
  • 21 Portals and 15 Beehives
  • Top floor still empty, except for bees. I'm describing myself here, very happy with the house :-S

A slow cooking build. This is my pet project and I been living in it through several playthroughs and seeds, so I had a lot of time to fine polish the build to the best of my abilities. I have a hard time just filling the place up with anything and everything, because when I do, it looks just not good enough or outright messy. So I've deleted many a half-baked layout or decor, these things take a longlong time for me to do - and I've ended up with somewhat sparse interior in parts of the house. But I guess there will be a good few new things to build as the game progesses towards full version, and there is plenty room in the house for that - so this is a WIP and new versions of BSH 9000 will come out.

Yes, it has been posted before, with updates even. Version 2.5 (yes i'm nerdy) is a very nice and supremely polished two-ouw, most important upgrade is 2 Eitr refiners in a closed, safe and quite compact addon to the smelters/kilns. Include newest upgrades for workbenches too, of course. Also made good use of dvergr circlets for lighting on the ground floor. Those littl suckers almost gives off too much light , but hte worst is the color tint, which is cold and mixes somewhat badly with all the torches and fires, which is warm, and the crappy dvergr lamps which are piss yellow and gives piss poor light. Sorry, did I say all that out loud? Still, I'm quite happy with the bigly Trophy display, even if it's a little ostentatious (yeah, I had to look that up too, but I read it in a book sometime).

Old post with earlier version build also has a UT video.
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