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Big Spiral House - BSH 9000

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Haakonzen's Avatar Haakonzen
Level 29 : Expert Heathen
Follow up from a slow cooking build I have posted earlier

Do yourself a favor and try out this base for 1-6 players.

Do me a favour, and post a comment - or even better - improve the build and post the new Blueprint.

This is a Yuge home base for Vikings with a taste for some Luxe. Built in plain Valheim and vanilla pieces, with lotsa time, spirit & devotion - and devcommands, ofcourse. It is meant to be an open and easily accessible base, all the while it should also shine with some beauty, and have great productivity. ... let's say it's Nordic Industrial Design (on shrooms).

The "Floor Plan" is like a spiral, based on increasingly larger semi-circles. I for sure just want to run around and around in it all day.

The building is approx. 60 meters diameter and 22 meters high, the piece count is just under 8800. Set on a flat 1 meter stone floor, and the supporting Iron Beams adds 1 meter below that. Use of terrain tools (in Planbuild mod) to prepare the ground before placing blueprint is absolutely recommended, BSH 9000 can be tricky to place because of the sheer size of it. The outer stone walls are supposedly not load carrying (can be changed for Marble..), only all the Iron Beams and Stone Floors are.

The Bonfire in the center may disappear when you place the blueprint - if so, use a pickaxe to fix it.

  * 6 separate Bedrooms in a big staircase - all with Fireplace, Storage, Equipment stand, and its own banner. Ascending levels of style, comfort, content and space through six rooms - From very basic to very master, each room own design :-S.

  * Kitchen on first floor with fully upgraded Cauldron, 20x Grill for anything big or small, 6 Ovens, 7 Fermenters, and a total of 18 Iron boxes for storage (432 slots).

  * Work area on ground floor with all stations fully upgraded. Plenty room for more workstations and future upgrades. 2 Kilns, 4 Smelters, 2 BM Furnace, all well ventilated. 3 Spinning Wheels. Storage area with 24x BM chests (768 slots).

  * 21 Portals on ground floor. Also Room for farming animals under the big staircase.

  * Decent shelter and fire cover in most of the house, for rested bonus. 16 comfort in Master bedroom when the hot tub is lit.

  * Top Floor has room for ... - well, it definetely is a lot of room up there ...

The House can still be developed lots more (no windmill/obliterator/refinery, yet). It can even be considered WIP. I have strived to not put overly much stuff everywhere, keep the place lean and mean with clean lines. Easy to run and jump around the House. Not too many walls and so on, if you notice. I have deleted hundreds upon hundreds of things that needed to change. And more changes will come too, for sure.
Progress90% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Haakonzen 02/15/2023 6:53:49 pmFeb 15th, 2023

Added captions to all the images. Also enjoying very much a solo playtrough on this exquisite and HIGHLY reccomended >Favorite seed< with a blueprint of BSH9000, where I placed this base immediately and close to spawn. No cheats except that, not even taking ANY gear from the stands.

... eh, or... in addition I used my other blueprint, Sneglehus, for a smaller sattelite base (2 times, actually) :-S

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ULRICH GamingAndMusic
05/17/2023 4:47 am
Level 35 : Artisan Viking Builder
ULRICH GamingAndMusic's Avatar
Omg, i luv the nautilus shape. amazing build. feels very suited for a comfy base life with friends. well done mate.
02/16/2023 11:54 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Raven
MutantArtCat's Avatar
I once started a small spiral build as one of my earliest projects, never finished it because of the roof, cool to see this version ^^
01/28/2023 4:05 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Builder
Archivist's Avatar
Is that roof modded?
01/30/2023 12:14 am
Level 29 : Expert Heathen
Haakonzen's Avatar
No, it's plain Valheim build, no mods.


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