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Burning Heads, Design House w/blueprint

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Haakonzen's Avatar Haakonzen
Level 29 : Expert Heathen
Another round/circular weird 3-story building from yours truly, seems I have a penchant for those.

It is built around a full kitchen, plus Workbench & Forge - all fully upgraded pre-ML. Not a finished build by any means, just another design experiment . Though so far it already has very good Shelter inside, and the central fireplaces covers most of the house when lit, for rested bonus.

Basement has the beginnings of a really nice drinking place. Vikings gonna get bashed on mead down there.

Top floor is empty and ready for content. Bedroom and/or Sauna comes to mind, almost naturally.

Structrual support is good, most all of it in the 4 main Vertical Iron Beams (covered in Core wood Beams) connecting the Corewood arches, and the iron cage floors. Those same beams extends far down into the ground when placing the blueprint, but if the ground is not even you might loose a Table or two in the basement - so preparing the ground with terrain tool in Planbuild is recommended as usual.

Feel free to alter or add content to the blueprint - and please share or comment on your experience.
Progress60% complete

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JP Valheim
04/05/2023 1:36 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Lox
JP Valheim's Avatar
Wow, looks beautiful! Great job and thanks for adding the files


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