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City of Overlook - Solo base build

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SorchaAzura avatar SorchaAzura
Level 28 : Expert Fenring
Once upon a time, a baby Viking, only a few weeks into her time in Valheim, discovered console commands, and said "Screw the bosses! I've got an Epic City to build!!"
A few hundred hours later, after many redesigns, many side tracks, and a whole lot of lag (So. Much. Lag.), Overlook City is done.
This is a full service base build, with a large mead hall inspired by Aegir's Hall in AC Valhalla, A wizard's tower, large farms, a boar pen, docks, portal hub, guest houses, and much more.
Some decorations and plants had to be spawned in with console commands, but otherwise this build is vanilla friendly, although I can't imagine how much material grinding that would take...
Progress100% complete

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06/27/2021 12:03 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Viking
Eve_Morrigan avatar
This is so pretty!
06/27/2021 2:49 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Builder
MissYee avatar
A well-organized town indeed.
06/22/2021 2:04 pm
Level 25 : Expert Modder
Sugaplz avatar
"and a whole lot of lag (So. Much. Lag.)"

So so so much lag :-) like 5 fps maybe?
I started wathing the vid but honestly was unwatchable :-(

Screenshots are geat tho, really like that portal hub


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