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Jotunheim Tower

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Berserk The Builder's Avatar Berserk The Builder
Level 33 : Artisan Hunter
Hello Vikings

Here is my newest project the Jotunheim Tower
pleaced in plains biome monumental structure

after Hildir update many new pleaces appeared on my world.
After I fought fire skeletons and white werewolves.
I head up to mysterious tower,
when I arrived this stunning view showed up from disolving fogs.
This was the moment of pure joyment and exitement because I already known what is gonna happend here

Structure doesn't have any spawned floating rocks or other kind of suspensions

it is supported on sealed tower

build was made using only vanilla Valheim parts and without mods

every stone pillar, Yagluth altar or goblin villages were already there randomly generated
This building is Tribute for Devs ! I'm still mesmeraised by Valheim
world generator that made this sorrounding is maserpiece !!

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Music : Viking Battle Song - Gromfrost , Sergio Valentino - Lost forrever
Progress100% complete

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