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Level 8 : Apprentice Viking
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Level 36 : Artisan Viking
03/21/2021 9:17 amhistory

Cyprezz's Avatar
Very nice progress. I really like what I think is your farm roof design with the little extra air circulation pop out. Portal hub in center of town makes a lot of sense.

This made me start thinking if I've come across an area suitable for a town and not just a homestead. I *think* I have the perfect place where the water from ocean carved inland to make a lake in front of a large meadow. We could have to mine some to allow a boat to pass through. When I pass the area again, I'll take a screenshot.
Level 8 : Apprentice Viking
03/21/2021 1:22 pm

Oohk's Avatar
The main building design with the pop up top works well for ventilation, the rest of the roof was built so that none of the wood weathers because all of it is covered in roofing . Our game spawned this nice island with a huge bay and a small island for a light house. The light house is being a pain to build because I want it to be taller but I am getting stability issues as i get closer to the build height limit. All my friends have scattered themselves throughout the world but all portal back to my town as a hub.


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