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Stone Castle Gatehouse - Outer Wall Defenses - Tutorial

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Level 39 : Artisan Builder
This Gatehouse Features are:
- 2 Defensive Towers on the side of the main entrance
- Permanent Workbench, Forge & Stonecutter for repairs
Each Defensive Tower contains:
- Backdoors to access the lateral Towers
- Stone Defenses on the Top "Machicolations"
- Cellar with Portal to Teleport to your Castle
- 1st and 2nd Floor with Beds as Spawn point for Defenders
- 3rd Floor with 2 Chests

Keep in mind that this is only an outer wall defensive structure for the outer wall and not the castle it self. From this structure you need to extend walls and build a bailey where to build the keep that will be your main castle. The advantage to build the outer wall is to have extra defenses and create a safe green area around your main castle.
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