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The Pirate's Cove (current version)

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Shenanigans's Avatar Shenanigans
Level 15 : Journeyman Builder Heathen
Ok folks, this is the full package. The earlier version of this I released was a shell. This is the whole thing, as it is now in-game, post-ashlands. I have purposefully not added a lot of ashlands stuff to this build, as I'm saving that for a new version. That being said, there is *some* ashlands stuff needed for build materials.

Some build notes:

A big, f*ck-off, Skull Base.

***Important set-up info!!!***

This build will require significant terrain modifications. I have done what I can to help with that, but I admit, I'm not great with PlanBuild right now. Some digging will be required.

It is imperative that this build be placed far enough inland that it is not subject to 'storm surge'. The stormy seas should have little or no effect on the water level at the ship's berth. Make sure your build site has enough elevation (~4ish meters~ above sea level) to support the terrain modifications.

The bottom of the teeth must be at least 12m from sea level for the tip of the mast to clear smoothly. I have placed the pillar hanging below the 2 upper incisors for ease of placement purposes, and the horizontal 2m beam should be at the water level. This is intended to be deleted after placement.

The base of the spiral stairs in the smelting area needs to be +/- 1m from the water level, but, the higher you can get it, the better.

There are 3 parts of this base that can/should be deleted (because I'm a lazy, absent-minded idiot). 1st, the aforementioned pillar extending downwards from the top incisors. 2nd, all of the wood 'archway' on the left side of the base at ground lvl. 3rd, the spirally thingymajigger by the main portal, just above the main staircase, just above the portal floor. These were .5m proofs of concept I was messing with, and were not intended to be permanent structures.

You will need a chunk of beach that is placed E-W or N-S, for best results.

The raised earth pillars (6 in total) are CRITICAL to the structural stability of this build. If you can't raise them high enough (12m from sea level), you will need to find a new location. These have terrain markers assigned, but will probably require a bit of pickaxe/hoe work to make presentable. You should be able to plop this down on a suitable shoreline, and dig out and level the bits that need to be.

Entity count : 9835

Features: Fully upgraded cooking/crafting/comfort with 2 separate cooking areas, several decks to enjoy the view from, MANY custom stairs, fully covered boat dock w/ room for a longship, eitr refinery room, portal hub with TONS of integrated storage, 2 windmills, 4 kilns, 2 furnaces, and 1 blast furnace, 2 bathing rooms w/ max comfort, pub with 4 fermenters, 5 individual apartments and a barracks that sleeps 6 additional people, meeting hall under a giant crystal chandelier, roof access, many crystal fireplaces that also double as windows to allow natural lighting (also because see-through chimneys are cool), multifloor drop-down for speedy egress (make sure you have proper PPE when using).

This build utilizes vanilla physics and block placement, with about 99% of materials gathered in-game (honestly, who has 2478 f*cking hrs to spend hunting stone golems?!).

An early tour of the base can be seen here:
My esteemed gratitude to Waffles, for all of his help and support.
Progress90% complete

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07/14/2024 8:47 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Heathen Fellow
Haakonzen's Avatar
Thats the bigliest finestmost prettyfull fantasticy build i have evah seen!! a long time :-)
07/15/2024 4:53 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Builder Heathen
Shenanigans's Avatar
Thank you so much dude. I actually live out of all the bases I build, which is why it took me about 6 months to create this, and why it will probably never truly be finished. Eventually, I want to find somewhere to host world files for download, that way people can experience these in-game, even if they don't have or are not proficient with Planbuild.